Board of Directors

Nanaimo Astronomy Society is a registered non-profit society in the province of British Columbia.

We have a volunteer Executive Board of Directors who are elected by our general members at our Annual General Meeting. Our Executive members donate their time and energy to help develop the vision for the society, and manage its educational outreach programs and other society activities.

Executive Board of Directors.

President: Chris Boar   (

Vice-President: Tony Puerzer

Secretary:  Kim Reinson

Treasurer: Rick Ulrich


  • Dr. Bill Weller
  • James Slater
  • Fraser Lee

At our annual general meeting in September each year, our members will elect their new volunteer executive board of directors who will lead the NAS over the next year.

While we gratefully acknowledge the contribution made by our existing executive, each year some of our members sometimes have other commitments and leave the board,  This creates openings each year for our other members to get involved and share their vision and enthusiam with us.

Here is a list of the board positions of the NAS.


  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Directors

To qualify to serve on the NAS board, you must be a member of the NAS in good standing and willing to commit to attending 1-2 executive meetings per month and participate in other executive discussions between meetings via phone and email.

We do understand that you may not be able to attend every meeting due to work or holidays, but you should be able to make most of them and to provide your ideas and input when you can’t attend.

You can see position descriptions below to see if which position best suits your interest and talents. If you don’t feel any of the specific positions fits you, the best place to start is as a Director. Directors are full members of the executive who help with the planning and activities but who do not have a set role like some of the other positions.

Here is how you can let us know you would like to serve:

  1. Tell any executive member. Tell any member of the executive what position you are interested in serving in and they will nominate you at the annual general meeting, You do not have to be at the annual general meeting to be elected.

  2. Nominate yourself at the AGM. During the elections, you can have someone nominate you or nominate yourself for any of the positions.

Want to help, but not able to commit to an executive position? No problem. We regularly need volunteers to help at our outreach events and meetings.  To volunteer, just talk to any of our executive members about how you can help.

We will also email our membership when we have upcoming outreach events we need volunteers for.

Position Descriptions

Please note that, while the President and Vice-President lead the club, ALL executive members have an important role providing input as to how the club is run and what programs are implemented.

Here are the positions and a basic overview of what they do.


  • Provides leadership
  • Runs regular and executive meetings
  • Makes themselves available for media interviews
  • Participates in outreach programs
  • May be a presenter at meetings/outreach


  • Provides leadership
  • Acts as President when the President is unavailable
  • Runs regular and executive meetings
  • Makes themselves available for media interviews
  • Coordinates outreach programs
  • Participates in outreach programs
  • May be a presenter at meetings/outreach


  • Keeps financial records for the society
  • Files required society forms with regulators
  • Accepts membership payments
  • Maintains updated membership list
  • Participates in outreach programs


  • Maintains minutes of meetings
  • Makes minutes available to members
  • Participates in outreach programs


  • May lead committees
  • May head specialty programs
  • Participate in outreach programs
  • Actsas backups to other executive postions
  • May be presenters at meetings/outreach